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It is released from the troublesomeness of the Unicode conversion by native2ascii.

Development using the properties file is performed by Java by the setting file of J2EE application, internationalization correspondence with desktop application, etc. being sufficient. However, you have to change the multi-byte character in a file into Unicode with the native2ascii tool of attachment in J2SDK on the character platform un-depending.
This editor can directly edit property files written in Unicode reference characters, and saves the time and effort of converting into Unicode through native2ascii. In addition to the usual functions of an editor, the plugin is integrated with Eclipse. Files can be opened in the IDE and saved in Unicode. It can use by intuitive and simple operation.
(2009.05.23) The editor(Eclipse plug-in) had the hover display of the property on the Java editor and the jump function to the property reference part.
For details, please look at the following page.

- Plug-in for Eclipse, the JAR file for applications can be downloaded from HERE on the "PropertiesEditor" project page.

All the jar files included in the above-mentioned download file are the same things.
For example, if the jar file of plug-in for Eclipse is performed, application will start.

The Unicode reference character can be converted on WEB.
(1.4 or later ones of J2RE or J2SDK is needed for using this JAR file and JavaWebStart. J2RE and J2SDK can be downloaded from HERE.)

About the integration to Eclipse.

IDE The installation method
Eclipse Please copy the "jp.gr.java_conf.ussiy.app.propedit.eclipse.plugin_x.x.x" directory which thaws the distributed zip file and can do it to the plugins folder in the installation directory of Eclipse, and start Eclipse. (Please reboot, when Eclipse is already started.)

A font and the duplication check function of a KEY can be set up on the setting screen of Eclipse. This font change function is being able to use the font with which other editors' differ, for example, the man in the Japanese area becomes possible to edit java sauce in Japanese, and to edit a properties file in Korean.
The updating site of plug-in for Eclipse was created. By this, installation and update are attained using the updating manager of Eclipse.
- Installation -

URL : http://propedit.sourceforge.jp/eclipse/updates/

The screen shot when using by the stand-alone
The screen shot when using by Eclipse

- The main functions -

  • Preservation in Unicode reference character form is possible.
  • It is possible to read the text of EUC, Shift-JIS, JIS, and UTF-8 grade.
  • Printing function.
  • Cut & paste function etc.
  • Character sequence reference function.
  • Character sequence substitution function.
  • Undo, a Redo function.
  • Line number display function.
  • The selection function of a font.
  • The function to specify the color of a background.
  • LookAndFeel change function.
  • An integrated function with Eclipse.(Plugin)
  • The reference part is retrieved by Ctrl + Clicking the property (PropertiesHyperlink of the necessity).

About a license.

you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Eclipse Public License (EPL).
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